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Old Folk Home visit

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Mom has went back to jbi today 😦
When she arrived sg ard 6am,she opened a 4 boxes of newly bought VINCII shoes which was later given to me.Loves the shoes!
Today went to Old Folk Home at Bedok to do our CIP hours.
the introductionnn!

the grandma~s!notice tt all is FEMALE?

Justin ft. Feng wei -Qing Tian
She’s painting the frame~!
Peace out xD
She’s 92 yrs old.

Holding the self-made photo frame that’s made by
our teamm + ah ma!
Other perfomances include things like;
singing as a class.
singing with 3 diff lang.
& bought goodies for them!
most of the girls baked their own cake,how sweet~

Winnie grp the ahma is so funny!She refuse to cooperate with them,so leaving they grp do the photo frames by themselves.

Yesterday after watching the superberb scary horror flicks thats borrowed frm sam,
‘Noroi the curse’
I cant sleep!I cant get my eye closed!
Gosh its like the scariest horror movie I’ve ever seen.So real.
Anyway thats what I love of horror movie.
Aft watching it with my mum and my maid,I keep disturbing my mum!
ahhaha she’s cute~~~
Love her and miss her so muchh x(
Will see her only at the end of year 😦
miss ya mum

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