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Hungry Ghost Festival tdy y’all!

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Monday was a random day.
Everything goes well,almost nothing goin wrong today.Except that I slept in Emaths class and my ever-decreasing Poa marks.I got 18/25 for tdy’s test -,-!
Mum & Bro has left sg today to malaysia to sent my bro there.
Btw yestd went to Funan IT mall to but my bro’s laptop,and we got a free HP iPaQ 500 series.This phone is like sth diff okay,its a business phone.So since I use it for personal phone the function wont be too good.Who cares?Its free.Its a smartphone.So I love it more than my z610i now 😀
I think I gained quite a few weight x(
Yesterday have a late supper at swenses,we order lotsa stuff!
Pizzas,baked rice,and some grill chicken xD
Also bought a Norton Internet Security,cuz my comp got some virus and while my bro trying to copy my song to his mp3.All of his song in his mp3 was like GONE instantly,ahhaha Loves it.
Went home with AJ today,met mega&her friend on the way.HAHAH!
On chinese class me& aJ was like keep drawinga and writing silly stuff on a paper and keep passing to each other.Crapped alot during chinese period.
Then we go to refill our water,the water cooler’s water was like a barley drink.So milky white!
Tmrw is Emath test,I hate Emaths -.-

Just finished my 2hr tuition,I love the teacher she’s so patient and nice.She really takes our tuition seriously.Always prepared before she came to my house,ahhaha I find this teacher last minute want actually on a newspaper advert.Cuz im so sianned by the fact that my prv tuition agency,she cant find a teacher for me.So I bought a newspaper,take out the classified and TA DAH~!Im horribly sick -,- 3ulcers in my freakin mouth plus flu.

I’ve just realised that I’ve had 3 handphones with 3 different brand and colours.
Nokia,Sony Ericsson,HP iPaQ.
I love HP iPaQ the most currently xD


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