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New Blogskin!

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Yesterday slept ard 2am,ahhaha yup its to finish this blogskin.I know this skin its like so plain and stuff,oh well its my first ever made blogskin so its simple.Anyway,I’ve just posted a new post on my chinese blog which titled;Racial Harmony day.

Soo tired!the whole chinese blog thing takes me 2hr to finish it.Even tho the due date of this chinese blog project thing is still longggg~I dont know why I feel like doing it now.I got 2 more post to go and Im done with chinese blog.If it werent for my ca2 I wouldnt do this so early,I mean like c’mon the chinese blog contained 60% of ca2 mark!
Stupid stupid,nowadyas my tuition teacher keep asking me to raise her fees,its like OMG ya know im trying to save moneyyy yet all the fees being raised up.I still cant believe how da hell did anyone in this world can change their face drastically like this AYUMI

If I were to have these drastic change in my face,I would faint immediately.She become so gorgeous instantly,gosh how I wish I was her mann.

Mum called said that she gonna reach sg today with my bro,I also had watched finished my angel lover.Now watching;黑糖瑪奇朵 Brown Sugar Macchiato its niceee ((:


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