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Boring weekends

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As the title says,these few weekends is really boring.Tomorow mum&bro will be coming to sg!So must quickly buck up my work,then can play with themmm :DD
To start off yesterday,get myself ready to go out buy some bks.
fyi#I didnt went out with my hair like thiss ahhahhaa

Bored at night,decided to take out my curling accesories.Rarely use them tho.

There are like 8 different item and functions.I try out all of em’ and ending up with a spoilt hair when I woke up this morning.My maid help me to curl,while I help her to straighten her hair
AHHA..Im so addicted to Dramas series now esp.Angel lover and the fact that my mum gonna bring somemore Jap DVD’s tmrw make me excited like hell!
Yesterday afternoon aso went down to swim,brought along my portable speakers so it wont be so boreddd.Swim with my maid and some of the neighbours was there too,ahahha they even ask me to turn the speaker louddd xD
And we got self-created game whoever wins it get to request songs from me.LAME rightt?HAHHAAA!
Fireworks was really nicee,hope I was at marina yesterday sadly Im not 😦
kay kays
-off i go to watch my drama!


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