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School ND’s Celebration

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Wake up specialy early for todayy.
Glad that everything went smoothly,esp my contacts!It was comfortable wearing it today 🙂
Get changed to my Pink+White shirt and off I go
Lan called said that she get off the bus alrd,so called her when the concerts end.
The concert is terrible.Same old boring stuff -.-
Ms sho son is cute,but he keep on frowning his eyebrow~ Padahal mo pegi nnt bareng rame2 trus nga tauw knp,smua pada kg jd pg -.- sebel bgt loh its like I feel that mrk pada take advantage of gw getoo.Klo nga mauw brg2 nnt ya blg aje gethoo,sumpeh deh gw kg bkl baek2 lagi ma tu org.NYESEL ABIZ!Untung ada lan & sam after school,gosh la I love them 😀
Watch ‘Secret’ instead of the simpsons today. This movie has a nice beginning,it ends nicely also but I dont really like the ending.Overall was okay though.
Bsk mo pg POPULAR bli buku~
ARGH!Tiba2 ngerasa bersalah bli buku getu byk,tkt taon dpn bli2 lg,moga2 aja nga deh bokek dah.Tobat dah gw jd anak baek lgi,mo bljr abs2an mule dr ari nee x(
Tdy forgot take pics with LAN & SAM!
So saddd actually wanna take lots of pics want~
Then J8 the toilet cannt use alrd its like belong to the cinema alrd STUPID RULE OKAY!


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