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Yups today me & sammy toured around SG!MUAHAHAH~
it was reallly funn and we keep observing people ard us and commenting it to each other xD
Recess time managed to put back my contacts,thanks to sammy 😀
She waited fr me till I get the contacts inside my eyes,actually I feel like giving up and not to wear it.Luckly gt her ahahha I thought recess time I will be alone in the toilet and wear my contacts,oh anyway THANKS!

Tomorow is the school national day celebration.Goin to spam my camera and watch the simpsons!

Anyway look at this vid!is the Baby Ally-Whatever~!

I dont know why nowadays when I lied in my bed going to sleep,I always feel something is wrong or something that I’ve not done correctly all those things.Makes me had a headache every single night.I dont wanna think abt it too,but I cant help it,it just keep popping thru my mind whenevr I wanna sleep.

Always feel frightened or even scared every morning.NOPE I doesnt scared of GHOST okay!Its far more worse than it,I always afraid to wear my contacts.Lol Im going to me a weirdo if I contd this kind of habit thinking stuff.Oh anyway hope tmrw will be a better day


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