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Cross Country Day

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Wake up kindaa early today 09.00 am then get myself ready.Then ard 09.40 plus Lan called and she just wake up~!MUAHAHHA!waited for the bus almost 20mins and the weather is friggin hot.
Breakfast at Yakun today yay~

Yakun has the biggest half-boiled eggs,
the sweetest tea
and the tastiest toast.Gosh I love eating breakfast at Yakun simply made my day okay.
Then we got lost when we reach bugis,so we took taxi to go to the printing shop.
People there so irritating,cuz me&lan talked in Indo languange then they taught we dont know how to hear/speak chinese.So they keep talkin bout us in chinese,GRR~!
then after 45mins we go back that shop to get lans work,then I was like asking him for plastic bag in chinese.Hyaat~!MUAHAHAH i feel so crap right now -.-

Waited for bus,keep talking abt ‘day dreaming’ stuff that we had in our head.Gosh and we keep laughing so loud,that it freaks people out.WAKAKAKKA!

Skipped cross country!

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