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the 1000th post :)

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Hey,its been quite a few days since I last blog yea?

well today is the 1000th post of my blog,cant figured it out that I actually has posted 1000th post in this blog.Well since its a rare number after I blogged for 2 yrs,let me crap a little bit.I realise that these few days I’ve been thru alot of stuff,if only theres somebody who willing to spend their time just to listen to me that will be an honour to me.Too bad im not that lucky.Im not offended by the people who get tired of my talkings,cuz u cant just force ppl to do what they dont like to do right?& I love going to school on Monday & wed cuz there is SS period!

I cant sleep well this few days,I just wish I could sleep well.Im really really tired.Yesterday went for my appointment at TTSH and went there with my contacts on 🙂 so relieved when I managed to wear it comfortably.Then when I reach the Eye centre there,this girl ask me to take off the contacts just to check my eye pressure.And you know how they check the eye pressure?Just shoot this air thing to my eyes and thats it.The thing that pissed me off is that is so hard to put back the contacts back into my eyes again.Im pissed off of course,just for that stupid thing I threw my rigght contacts.They gave me the dirty solution somemore.STUPID TTSH!
Went to the doctor room when my name being called,doctor said my eyes is perfectly fine theres nothing wrong with it.I keep talking to him abt just now the incident,he said that becuz of the eye check thats y my eyes pain.Im so relieved,well not-so.Just for that small talks crap and off i go to the payment,alas its damn ex.
Just for that less than 5mins talk I have to pay more than 50bucks!
Anyway Im skipping school on monday cuz I will be unwell on that day.HAHAH!I just sick of sports thing,its like they actually threatened the students to come?if not got detention or what-so ever?Its uber silly okay!Since sec 1 I nvr went to cross country.Oh talked abt sports,Mr Lee keep asking me to redo 2.4 run and I was like NO WAY!he’s silly,everytime said our time not recorded and all theres no way Im gonna waste my energy of that.Okay what if I got gold for nafa?What I get?Nothing right?.Esp Im a GIRL and a FOREIGNER theres nothing special im gonna get for getting gold in nafa except that I will be more tanned and more pimples.
If I passed nafa and I get cash or it affect my O’s score of course I will trained hard for it.No offence but I really find it silly and stupid.Esp the fact that only HFC commitee are chosen to help well if its chosen by Mr neo I dont mind,but its just the other way round.
Now im rotting at home,so keep thinking bout lotsa stuff.
Oh I just loved to change my money nowadays,know why?

hehe!SMART SMART!the 20 dollars note is on my pocket liaos :))

Gosh doesnt realise that I’ve type so many.I gueess im being carried by the mood.Cuz just now I typed so fast that I didnt even know its been so much.

erm,btw did I reach 1000 words for my update today?

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