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Hand paintings~

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Now its like almost 00.00 and im still awake.Oh btw,im having physics test tmrw I dont know why I just dont have the mood to revise it x( .Watched the ‘angel lover’ today!GOSH LOR I chiong to watch that drama like hell.Its hella nice okay!
Today sammy was sucha busy girl,well uhm she’s got envied by her hand-painting work.Then some of da ppl incld me 🙂 asked her to help us pain lor..HAHHA!

Have an additional mark for our geog test today.YAYNESS~

I love the CHA CHA that she drew for me.Its cute and chubby~

Im sneezing like hell now,and i love the drama ‘switched’ which is just over at chnl 8 😦
Shall sleep now and *pray hard* for tmrw test.

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