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Mom & bro went back jbi :(

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This post gonna be my last post for this monthss,goodbyee JULY!.Gosh its almost august already!
Btw Im finally ‘reunited’ with my z610i!.Got it back today,thanks to Ms Chong.Ms Fauziah have meeting then no one pick up the outside call cuz she’s at the workroom,lucky ms chong came and offered to help me to ask her.If she nv came,I dont know hw my ‘guardian’ gonna wait for so long!.YAYS
Oh forgot to mentioned that my mom bought lotsa J-drama and taiwan drama dvd’s and Im so excited to watch all of em’.One of it is ‘angel lover’,I dont know why taiwan drama quality is like so dropping alrd.The whole acting looks fake and very gay,and some of the story line is very full of ‘imagination’ its like soo fairytales.
Oh OH!most of my fren said that ‘the simpsons movie’ is very funny,its also #1 in US blockbuster,goshh im so detailed x).
I wanna watch this movie BADLY! I always loved the simpsons since I was a little girl,but I love powerpuff girls more.HAHAHA!

Today after school went KFC with win,pw,lan sat almost 3hr there to have a girl talk with random topics.LOL!I love this kindaa talkk yay 😀
I finally passed my geog test!.I thought I would failed.
Tdy amaths test was like so freakin hard,esp the 2nd question!ARGHHH!
*praying hard*
Tomorow is like the only day of the week that we got no test.Nowadays was like 4 test/week,so today im gonna watch at least 5 episodes of ‘angel lover’.AND AND!tmrw there was like 2 periods of SS,gosh SS period simply made my day.I love the subject and I love the teacher :))
Anyways,the lunch time concert is so not hot.


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