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Its began to slowly recovered

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Hey,I wanna thanks to all my friends who had asked me to cheer up and all those things.Its really sweet thanks guys!
Esp,my wifey Lan who had email me this pic and to ask me to cheer up.I love it ((;

Mom & bro now in Sg already,they’ll be leaving to jbi on monday morning.Mom gave me this;
Visited TTSH this morning,so tdy I woke up like super early tdy 0730am.Doctor went to check my WHOLE eye.So scary,and in the end she said my eye has no big prob,just that my eyelid was dirty esp my right eye.So I cant wear my contacts lens for the next whole week.Untill the next appointment on the coming friday.I felt that Im gonna be the nerdy UGLY BETTY for this coming week,ARGHH~~!.Lols nvm,im alrd very glad that at least my eyes fine ((:some random photos,last ones is taken at indo while 1st ones is just my mom playing with my bro x))

k thats all 🙂


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