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Cuz,this week sucks

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Whadaa weirdo tittle I put tdy,actually I wanna call it a ‘bad’ week but ima very very supertisious personn you know!.I’ve been through alot especially for today and yesterday,lols its like when I think abt today or yesterday I sometimes will like questioned myself.
Why Me?Why Today?Why??!
It sounds like the prob of mine is not a big deal,I dun wan it to sound like a big deal prob too.But the fact says it is a big deal.HAHAHA maybe you guys never encounter a ‘wonderful’ day of mine,let me explain;
Morning;Woke up late,6.30am and I needed to took like 2 buses to school.So rushed here n there to take taxi.
School;was quite happy that my contacts were working fine,but its actually placed wrongly.When I tried to put it correctly,both eyes hurts.
Reading period;Have no choice bt to took down my contacts,called my maid and the toilet is wet so I just opned my phone outside the toilet.Ms jamie confiscated for 1 week.
I dont wanna type any further,cuz I just cant tahan with today.Its good that I managed to survive on this day already.Keep on trying to think that ‘its alright’ & ‘its fine’ but i just wanna cry out loud that will make me feel so much betta.HUG is what i needed now,people dont understand how HUG is soo important to ppl like me.
I sound like a total author,cant help it.It hurts,really it does.

Happy birthday to AJ.I made her a handwritten birthday card 🙂 I know its nothing,I just hope she likes it yea?
Lans edited this photo of minee,totally loves it.Big shout out of love to herrr!

Went to watch ‘alone’ today.I was expecting it to be scary and all,in the end?I didnt feel scared when Im turn off my lights and sleep all alone.I didnt feel any scary impact,really.Well maybe becuz I dont interfere with a twins guys neither do I’m a twins.

Was really nt in the mood to blog,perhaps becuz I just needed an ear to listen to all my probs?.Well I dont really mind if this ‘ear’ is actually a fake or a typing wants.Most of the people talked with my prob tdy was really encouraged me,even tho some was only smiled at me when I told them this and that.Or some even said mean and horrible things like:”wahh so unlucky argh u today”,”so suey”.I KNOW I KNOW im suey tdy,STOP IT i dont need a remindder that im REALLY SUEY today.It just made me speechless and made me wanna cried out loud.
I tried to tahan whole day today,and I only made it half way thru.
Tomorrow will be a better day

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