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Racial Harmony

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YOHOS!Finally I got the RHD photos!
This is what most of the images turn out to be.Cuz we accidentally pressed ‘recordings tiles’ so all the image except for the one taken in beatty cafe,were all become tiles.Thanks lan for helping me to crop the images ((:Yups thats all that I can put for Racial Harmony pics,lazy to upload more pics.

Im staying the whole day at homie,and Im rotting like hell.
Im seriously hating it.I dont even love ya truely madly deeply but ya was like so proud ass and thinks that I love you.Ya know what?ystd ya talk like really gt no link and totally dont get it.Moreover,you keep on saying you dont know whad I meant.Ya talks like as if ya had me.I mean are you kidding me?Seriously I hate all those proud ass guy,they think that we like em so much,were actually the fact its just the opposite.Its silly and disgusting.

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