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YO~s!. BORED!so I’ll update real long. Its strange..
We’re in two different countries.But yet this feeling isnt gone.Why?
Feel like forgetting,buts its not as easy as typing or saying it.
Kays change topic,please!
Actually wanna blog about Racial Harmony today,but havent received the photos from rachel.Even tho theres some pics in my phoney,but I would prefer Rachel’s picture in e camera!.Its CUTE and SILLY and CRAZY!
So when I received the pics from Rachel,I’ll update on Racial Harmony then.
So lets talk bout today..
Was sick and tired by the pain that my right eye having.Its already the 2nd time I thrown my contacts and having only one contacts on left eye.Kay Im silly to throw the contacts,guess I must bring the lens case next tym..
Its hard to see anything with one eye blurr and one eye clear.
Today debate with Changwei’s group.Obviously,our group won.HAHAHA!I feel so evil when I type the word “obviously”.As personally,I think that our group is just read-off the paper whereas the boys was like shoot question back or answer our question.Ms Loo was a buyer seriously,when I & sam talked she was like walking around and didnt even hear what I was saying.Irritated,of course.But we won so the irritated feelings ‘pays-off’ 🙂
Then here it comes to POA,I seriously love Accounting but the STU Mrs Shanti was like having a sudden test?.I dont hate test but the fact tht my eye can hardly see anything properly really disturbs me.I will score better if my eyes were not in pain.STUPID!

Beatty Superstar
Right,so Me & lilin plays the host.Seriously I would rather continue LSP lessons with Mr Chan rather to host this STU event.Why?Im being seriously left out,she was cont’d talking with him and I was like a stupid retard duck standing like a fool.But since it alrd happens so yeah,dont wanna explain further.I feel like joining this show next year,cuz at first i tot is all those who sings really well wants join..but the fact is no.
After hosting,see Mr neo talk bout my eye & beatty superstar thingy as an excuse for not coming for HFC.It works 😛
Met Hui Yan @ bus stop,shes like inspired me so much!ILOVEHER!Shes my motivation frm now on!.


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