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New Dog,Jacky :))

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Mom just gave me a MMS and said that she just receive this dog-Jacky yesterday midnight.Jacky was on “Adam Air” from Jakarta to be sent to Jambi.Arghh~!So freakin excited I want to hug this cute dog immediately.

Know why our family bought a new dog?
Cuz while I was in Jambi,our dog gone missing.My father was like uber sad and thus he bought a new one 😀I love this new dog,he’s looking so good.JACKY JACKY! xD
Havent receive sentosa pic from lans,tomorow maybe?.Im so curious into looking the sentosa pics!
Today was bored and dull day,no mood study POA.Esp tmrw we r like having 3 periods of POA?Like WTF?
Kays till here!I HEART JACKY !
The nice part of being pessimist is that you are constantly proven right or pleasantly surprise.
Chatted again ths morning,felt weird.Its like he’s more and more being straightforward to me and yah..I see nth wrong with it.He’s asking “it” for the 4th time tdy.

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