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Hey,its such a long time since I have uploaded anything eh?
Change my skin today,I know this skin looks weird and all but I just love the wide and big entry column.
Yesterday night I slept uber early 9.30pm!and hello its friday night.I dont wanna sleep so early myself,but Im just so freakin horribly tired that I cant even open my eyes nor can I sit properly.My body was like feel like a dead body,its just aint moving.Bloody hell,its like the first time I feel so tired.
Actually dont wanna stayed back for HFC yesterday.But since I at home also gt nothing better to do other than sleeping and search for new movies,so decided to stay back.And becuz of it Im getting so tired.
Woke up this morning arnd 9.30am and had a really really bad nightmare 😦
NOPE.the nightmare isnt about ghost and all,its far worst than it.So I cant help but to feel uneasy in the morning.
I dont know,few days ago I hated the overprotective-ness attitude of my parents.And there all of a sudden I got this stupid horrible nightmare that actually change my mind.Uh okay,Im easy getting influence by THAT nightmare.SO WHAT?That nightmare looks as if its real,and I dont want it to happen to me.So okay,now I understand why they’re so and OVER and REALLY OVER protective to me.
Kays change the topic.
I think that im being super foolish to have some kind of feelings to..Im just so over it.


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