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The triple ‘7’ day.07.07.07

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First off,be yourself day was a fun experience.I mean this year was quite different from the last 2 years be yourself day.This yr,teh lessons still going on and we gotta wear those homie clothie shirt on.It was a super terrible day on tt day,seriously.My right eye was like so painful like as if theres a fire burning inside it,and my eyes was like so reddish.So I throw-ed da contacts in my right eye,and still the pain is still burning.

It was confusing to see things for me,as my left eye is like so freakin clear and the other eye is like so blurrr..Im glad tt it didnt happen for the next day,which is a HUI HUI BIRTHDAY :))

Make some surprises for hui hui ystd and hope she likes it xD
I think I just gained of like 1~2kg ystd,why?
Morning-Fried Rice & Biscuits
Lunch-Ajisen Teriyaki Ramen
Dinner-Fried Dory fish w/ rice
Supper-Hui2 Birthday cake
I ate ALOT yesterday but it was nice to enjoy and being old self again 🙂
Reached home @ like 23.30am and was really awake so went to slp around 1am.
Chatted with ‘ya-know-who’ again ystd night,and was really happy xD
So caring and lovely..Loves it

“Dont wanna be apart again,you’re the best sister ever”

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