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The most stupidiest thing I’ve ever done

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Ystd Sammie rushed to my house at about 4pm then for some reason the file didnt work out so well,so we decided to go AJ house.
Around 12am midnight,the whole thing that we’ve already done suddenly corrupted and so we ask aj to edit wateva she can.Reach home at 1am and skipped my dinner.
In the end,after our perfomance we wanted to put our NG’s part but for some reason the students whos going to perform next is like already hold the mike and all.We didnt even end our perfomance yet,well maybe becuz of the lack of speakers and all?*SIGH i feel so stupid to wasted so much time on this but yet none of the vid is shown.
After school ate at MC Donalds with winnie and peiwen 😀
talk bout some stuff with them and tomorow is BEYOURSELF day!
I still dont know what Im going to wear,but I will just keep it simple becuz we still have to study the whole day.
Just created my blog for the chinese thingy,and install the chinse languange typing to my comp and luckly it work out 😀
Oh I think life doesnt go the way I wanted it to be,everything its going on so perfectly but yet I felt that becuz of the distance thingy that actually none of us willing to speak out.But oh well :))
I love being pampered like this,so its also does me no harm if we stay on like this rite?
BIKI love to eat Jiajiangyum


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