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Transformers watchie ((:

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Alright,I just realised that I’ve been like using this skin for quite some time.If this skin is in pink,I guess I would use it for a longer time.But since its in grey and it look super dully,I guess I will change my skin anytime soon :D.So wake up quite early today.Around 8am I guess?well actually I didnt really wanted to wake up THAT fast,nobody wants to wake up early in the weekend.I just couldnt get my eyes closed on that time.
So have my toast and butter as breakfast,loves it 🙂
and then log on to e internet to watch the simple life 4 finale and simple life 5.Gosh even tho,the whole thang of simple life 5 kindaa look weird,I thought that all the incident there were like scripted?Who cares?I just wanna see Paris & Nicole.
Then meet up with sammie,bought her bags and all.Then finally we meet up with fw and his other 3 friends,we head up to play billiard as there was like so much time to our show.
Transformers is like the best movie ever well theres an exception of course if there is a Paris Hilton Movie/Nicole.I love them both as a BFF or as an enemy,both of it will do.So me&sam tickts were actually free and paid by fw 😀
Yay I always love free movie tickets,dont we sam?

So thanks sammie for encourged me to “you know” ahha cuz I dont even have that thoughts in my mind.But well,I think it really pays off,cuz “you know,you know” x)
.URESHI,thanks sammy :DD
I dont know why I didnt being a camwhore today.Perhaps because of the short of time?or place?Urgh..I should being a camwhore today!GRRRRRRRRRR~!


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