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YIPEE!Monday no school at last..

School was fun today esp theres a Poa lessons,yup I hate the teacher but I love the subject so yep im mixed up hauahauahauah :DD
English was a show and tell.
Jk,Winnie,Prabesh,Nafis,Deanna was up.Winnie & Jk presentation was among the best of e rest I think,and luckly my index was 16 so it was still a long way to go untill it was my turn.
After school went out with winnie,cherish to J8.We’re having lunch at YOSHINOYA 😀
hahhas..I love to eat in that place seriously,and I miss the Veggy beef bowl!
Cherish went home after that as she need to rush to her tuition.Oh yes,I hope her father allows her to bring the recorder on monday.*pray hard*
Accompany Winnie to popular after that went to toilet to take some pics,sadly we hv to leave the toilet fast cuz the toilet cleaner’s is eerie.Yup she talk to her self and sing to herself,not that I was making fun of her just feel scared that what if she approached us?HAHAHHa Hilarious..
I missing the sms that was sended to me while I was in Jbi.Now that Im here,the chatting & e smses was like so rare,perhaps becuz of some reason?
I dont know and I dont want to know,I just wanted to chat like I do while I was at Jbi..
Sigh,this feeling is really hard to explain with words.
Give me your smile…..
In my moments of loneliness..
a smile that fills me up with happiness..

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