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Stupid mouth ulcer!GRR!

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Yap Im having like 2 mouth ulcer in my mouth now,and the pain is horrible.Esp tdy during recess time I accidentally bite my lips,and that area that I accidentally bited is happened to be the ulcer area.terribly horribly pain kays -.-

After school,straight away went home as I have a 4.30 tuition,is supposed to be a 2hr tuition den I cant take it anymore.I felt sleepy,lazy and totally no mood so all the things she saying is just come in and out.
Now Im finding this adorable song,and I cant seem to find it anywhere * sigh I gonna contd da search tmrw..
Oh ystd chatted again :))
even tho is just a short while but I felt really really HUAPPY 😀
LD is tough,really..
but I really love when we chatted
So as for e motivation thingy,I wont say much I just do what I can do-which is aim for it.



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