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First day of semester 2 :D

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Yipee..it was da first day of school of semester 2.
Luckly,today we was like just playing around at class and chatted away except for english and poa periods of course.
Mrs shanti gave us like a MCQ poa exercise,was surpised of course.I didnt even read or even open the poa book for like 1months.Luckly I passed 🙂
think I was really talkative at most of the lessons today,ahhaha its usual I havent meet them for like quite long.
Chatted with sammy the moment I entered the classrooms x)
After school actually planning to see mrs shanti for the poa worksheets,but then felt very lazy even tho I was already infront of the staff room.So I didnt actually asked her for the worksheets.Went to watch Fantastic 4 and the rise of the silver surfer with sammy,actually we wanted to watch men in white but then the slot only have in tampines and thats too far..

Chris evans a.k.a human torch was sucha hottie!

Had erased yesterday post,cuz I felt that it wasnt necessary to talk out here.

Yesterday night felt really really happy,ureshi dayo~! 😀
and cant tell it why since it was a personal thing,the point is still,
really really happy on ystd night!


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