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Xaverius02’s Reunion & Jbi outings!

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Yupsss Im back to blog at last huh?
So I just arrived sg yesterday night,and this morning went to HPB to have my last imunasation.
OH great,finally its the last one already.
Im freaking stress right now,I havent done my homework yet cuz I played to much in Jambi maybe?
I just so in lurve with the jambi’s people,they are so nice *ehem* except for one.Yes only one.
Kay lets dont talk about that “one”.
So our reunion which held at 4June07 at Saimen Resto 19:00 at night was great!
about 40 people came,and since it was a last-minute invitation.We did forget to invite few of em’,oh anyway..the reunion was a great funn!
For about 5yrs never meet them all,they changed so muchhhh ahahhaah..yups most of them already have their car licence even some of them have their own car already!..Humphh envy envy!
Our reunion gt to the newspaper!ahhahahs x)
and surprisingly they all gave me a big big pressies..and guess whats inside?
A Huge PUPPY dolls!I love it thanks all!

On “Dont know what date” we went to the studio M to have a photograph actually I invited wenny but she didnt turned up..


Okay so I dont know how exactly did wens’ changes her attitude after I told her that there was tis guy sms’ing me for the whole day..-until I&mel make a wild guesses ourselves.
ahhaha dont want to talk about it,later people make wild guesses abt me too..
Anyway,Im really confused about people’s behaviour,oh and I wonder why Im at sg now..Jambi school was so much fun,esp the guyss there ;D
Gosh If I at jmbi now,I would be already *******

Random photos of me wearing SMA’s uniform..yup in wennny rooms
Im in lurve with SMA’s skirt!is so niceeeee

so yeahhh thats all for nowwwwwwww…

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