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Indo Holidaayy is FAB!

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at indoo currently and Im freakin happy now.
Tmrw is the reunion of my indo mates 1998-2002 and me and my 3 close friends are organizing it.
This morning went to wennie house with melisa and jessica,as they are my closest friends last time when Im still in indo.Im not that close with melisa tho,but she is the granddaughter of my father’s sister.Yap,my father and her sister age gap is like more than 20yrs!I even cant beliveee it man.
So we went to wennie house and I didnt take any photos there,like I usually did.As there are still awkward feeling going on,we havent talk for 5yrs !.HAHA so we tried to contact our last time classmates,then we decided that visiting their house face to face will be a better idea as lots of them has forget my face they only remember my nameee~
So I called my driver to bring all of us to each of their house but of cuz nt all of them~
then we ate with my mum&father and them too as we’re freakin tired!.
Mum has already book the place and the food~LALALS~~!
I think I will upload tomoorow’s photo when I gt the time.
Oh I bought lots of DVD here as its lots of cheaper and the quality is no diff frm the original wan,I just finished watching “HANA YORI DANGO” the jap ver of meteor garden.FREAKIN COOL!
…of cuz cant let ya guys forgot ma face since we nv see ea othr for quite long time,so here ma pic in ma room and my little brother,!

didnt played my pianos for along time its VERY VERY DUSTY!btw thats all then,

off i go-


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