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Shopping with mum!

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Yesterday early in the morning mum all of a sudden decided to cook for my breakfast,even tho I was really EXTREMELY full but i still have to finish it cuz it was such a rare thing for her to cook something for me.Btw the portion of the food that she cooked is really ALOT!I dunnoe hw I can finish it,but I did.
Then,auntie leslie bought us to this restaurant in telok ayer and the food there was sooo NICEY!too bad im already too full cuz of the breakfast alone.
After from there we went to my favorite shoping place,The Top Shop in bugis! and theres a new KATE MOSS collection going around there.I HEART her collection,but its too ex and the size is freakin small!all da big size wan ppl already bought it ARGH~!
Mum bought me a Top shop bag and some tops and bottoms.She bought herself a Topman clothes x)
Reached home that time,mum surprise me with the necklace that she is goin to give me!AHAHAHHA I was so damn happy that I keep saying thankyou to her.And she said she also had bought me 3jeans+1white bag+1gucci bag and this make me more excited to quickly went home.Oh I miss my little brother!
And I watched sukob.Philiphines horror movie.
Its not scary,but to those who wanted to marry better not watch it.Cuz this movie is about
the Philippine belief of wedding curses. In this movie, two long lost sisters- Sandy and Diana are both confused because each of their family members begin to die and their bodies cannot be found. This happens after their weddings. They must reunite somehow to stop the curse but one of them must make a sacrifice.
Overall I rate the scaryness+the plot all 6/10

I have to say that DIANA (Claudine Barretto) is freakin gorgeous!And I love her long name
Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto Santiago is like a mexico’s name aint it?
I dont know why I wake up so early this morning.Yesterday night,I packed my shirts and all already only left my accesories and make up things.
Oh im gonna left sg tomorrow at 10am sharp.Cant imagine this,the time is flowin too fast already!


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