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Last day of school

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Time flew really fast and its already 5months since I’ve been in sec 3.Gosh,well okay thats not the main point today we recieved our report book,I was damn nervous kay.Well this is my result,
Overall Percentage:72.3%
Class Position:5/30
Level Position:5/133
The only subject I failed is Emaths and I got 49.3 marks for that,gosh its like 0.7 more marks to pass!.Surprisingly I passed my El :))
After school I asked my mum to come to the meet-the-parents session at 1pm.She&ms sho talk alot bout my results and luckly my mum said that she’s ok with my results,as long as I contd to give it my all at the end year.
I will jia you mum !
Reached home that time,I suddenly got my asthma attack not only that my gastric also very pain,its like so suddenly.And actually we wanted to go out to eat,but becuz of this pain my mom cancelled to go out eat,GRRH!
I dont know why things keep dissappearing from me my money,my watch…I think I will be extra careful with my things now.
Anyway,I will be going back Jambi,Ind at 28/05/07 Mon
andddd I will be misssing you guys lots,cuz its like 1 months later then I can finally meet ya guys.ahhahahs!
My mum is planning to organise a reunion to me and my indo friends.Gosh I havent seen them like 5yrs already! and Im excited to see em’ soon x))!
Till here,


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