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I love Hairstyling modules :D

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Really,I mean seriously I really glad that Im at Edwin&Apple class.Today our class doing hairwashing and style our hair,while the other class,Paul class was doing a formal hair-tying to the model head and it was so boring.

Jk washed my hair and I washed her’s,I ended up wetting Jk shirt while I was trying to rinse her hair x) paiseh ohhh jk!.Anyway we ate subway as our lunch at our first break,and it was really nice-chiwen recomendation.
When we’re back to class,we started to straight or curl our hair-suit our choice.And my hair was first curled up my chiwen and I really love the wavy look that she make to my hair,but it didnt last long.So I asked Edwin-our senior hairstylist trainer,to help me curl up my hair and make the wavy look.and he did 😀
We’re allowed not to tie our hair even till we reach school and theres ms jamie wandering around.YAYNESS!I enjoy this modulesss!

After from school,me&chiwen went up to bugis to cut my hair at chapter 2.On the mrt we saw this guy which is freakin da hell outta me.He keep on shouting happily like as if its the first time he took the MRT,okay thats not da real thang.Oh well lets skip this topic.
So after cutting my hair,I feel that its so short and toot and that my mums say that is ugly!AWW Im soo hurt 😦
My rolex watch is missing suddenly and my mum keep scolding me right now she want me to find that watch,and I really have no idea how come it missing suddenly.
I put it in my bag,and I carried that bag around with me and it cant be possibly stolen in school,can it?
I dont know Im just confused.
Tomorow is last day of school and my mum planning to come on the meet the parents sessions.
I hope things turn out well for tomorow,wish me luck guys x(

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