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Mom’s finally reach sg today :D

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Yesterday sam stay overnight 🙂

ahahhas its really fun kays,we played cluedo and watched horror movies.Then for da 1st time finally Im nt alone standing in my bus stop!
Have a crazy day with celeste,chiwen,and viona we walked from j8 to Tpy and it was like so tiring kays!I cant take it when I almost reach there,ended up taking bus.
Hairstyling elective modules is fun!
We got to do lots of practical rather than theory lessons and the trainer is so friendly.Today we got to do Men hair cut,Adilah cutted Mohawk hairstyle and Vanessa cutted Bald hairstyle.Me?without measuring anything I simply just use the scissors to cut here and there.
Sam&Chiwen and one teacher was really lucky,they asked the senior hairstylist to cut their hair.
ahahha and the result is really satisfying.and yep its for free of charge
The muffins near our saloon there is really DELICIOUS!Im addicted alreadyyy.
I lovvveee hairstylist cuz we are doing things outside school :))

Our second break ended that time,me,celeste,jk,hui went to this hotel+mall just for the toilet as the toilet that we normally use is locked.Well we had a really great time running here and there with police car just in front of our eyes.When we’re back to class,we just chat around as there are no more cuttings and styling we suppose to do.In the bus I was having fun talking and hearing music with adilah ahhaha :))
Tomorow im gonna eat that muffin again!
Our trainer said that tomorow we gonna wash ou partner hair and after washing we can curled up or straighten our hair.How cool is that!
I wanna cut my hair soon too!
Till here xoxo

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