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Wild Wild Wet outings!

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Hees,now I rarely post any stuff huh?

Well then let me blog about what happened recently yea.
On thursday,went out with Sam,hui,cherish to watch spiderman 3 again,as I got the free entry tickets.And look here!the ticket has a number 14 and 2 its just like my birthdate!14 Feb~

Yesterday went to wild wild wet with Sam,hui.and Lan it was uber fun kays!.Its our first time go there tho,but its really very fun too bad I didnt shoot any pics when we are inside the pools and all cuz I dont own a waterproof cameras.

Accompanied sam to go to this real scary thing,I was really scared but since she asked me to go with her so I just accompanied her.When I was sliding straight in 4th floor high so scary kay!the sliding is so straight and me&sam sat on this blueish thing and it got no seatbelt and all,the person just push us down.GAWD!scary thang..

After that went up to Mc to have our late dinner 🙂

then went up to archade,the archade nt fun at all!
sam brought up the idea to overnight at our hse,lanny and sam agreed and hui’s mum dont agreed.But in the end sam cropped up with some stuff that she unable to go with us 😦
So Lan overnight at my hse,at first we planning to watch some horror movies but we both are too tired and scared so we end up just surfing the net and chatting away.
Woke up at 9am and lan left ma hse after that
and I dunnoe why I was feeling reaally unwell and uncomfortable since 11pm.
struggling now =/

Anyway I smply love yesterday and the overnight stay! 😀

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