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Exam finally ended on ystd.

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Heys,I didnt have the time to update a posts yesterday x) simply cuz I was too over-excited that the exam is finally over and that I can finally relaxed.So I went to celebrate with few of my pals Sam,Jk,Bg,Hui it was reallly uber uber fun 🙂

After school we decided to get our self changed first then we go to BishanJ8 archade,since we all havent see it before (okay not all of us maybe).It was so fun,we’re shouting screamming and all.Then they decided to go swiming to my hse,and of course Im super excited with their idea.Sam is really funny,when we’re at swimming pool sam decided to play ball,venom and some jumping and drama rama things!WILD WILD!

Okay so thats about yesterday things.

Today get back Amaths,Poa,SS and Chinese paper.I was really worried that I will fail one of em’ esp Poa.Good thing I passed.I mean I really hate the poa teacher,she didnt give us so call “useful” notes.But she keep saying that her notes is not a big deal.Well lets just prove it.Amaths passed but theres a tons of careless mistakes.And its all the same mistakes-pressing wrong brackets on calculator.Its good that I pass,I was uber excited.
After school,actually we wanted to go to Hui hse but her mum didnt allow 😦 so we go cherish hse instead.Her dad is really nice ahhaha and we cook this noodle that sam has bought earlier.It was NICE!.Oh and we watched drumline at her hse too :))
and now im also excited to know that theres Deal or no deal show later!hahahas

p/s;oh why am I keep saying “excited” mind me dictionary aint got any word thats suitable anymore,thats y.


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