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9 papers done,1 more to go~!

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Yups I know,I changed my skin to a totally different look xD .I hate dark colour like this seriously,but cant help it I simply love the format.
It was sucha relief when it comes to friday,I mean c’mon i’ve been waiting up to this day!.I was strugling like some assaholic bimbo geek during the past few days.Sec 2 time wasnt like this,this year was really really stressful year.Im trying to cope with sec 3s life still!.
After school,again forget to show BIKI my funny vids,I have showed Win & Pw tho.HAHAH!Win & me went to KFC to wait for PW.I was so damn hungry kay!Throughout the test my stomach keep making funny noises and I didnt know that I havent answer my last 2 questions cuz I keep thinking about what should I ate later. Lucky I did a last min check.
Chatted with Win & Pwat KFC for few hours after we have eaten,simply love to chat with them :D.AND!IM FULL 🙂 usually I didnt eat the skin of the chicken,but now I have no time to worry about this and that liao I just ate till finished.
Went to 7-11 then take 231 with win met Mrs Koh asked her abt Gy stuff and she make it seem tat the GY paper is so easy while it does not.
I hate exams,well who doesnt?.I seriousssly never study like this before but now I have to.Kays I check out this website call http://www.stickgirl.blogspot.com and finds that she drew this two stuff

and it was sucha coincedence that I happen to own those two stuff.The gucci bag is used to be my school bag,but its kindaa small and stuff so I didnt use it.The prada wallet is the wallet that im using currently.HAHAS!Sucha coincedence! photos credit to stickgirl 🙂
“Relationship is like glass,Sometimes is better to leave it broken,than to hurt yourself trying to put it back together”
Im not an emo person and I dont want to be one.But somehow,I love to make poems and words nowadays.
LUCKS TO ALL who are taking mid year 😀


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