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Pizza Hut & Bishan Library outings! x)

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Sch ended as usual,then after class ended I went to find the poa teacher and ask her bout some doubts.SHES KIND KIND KIND!.But somehow im still worrying bout my poa.SICK SICK
then at sean gave me 2 spiderman tickets.HAHA at first I thought that the ticket cant use le,but then the ticket is valid till 17may!YIPEE :DD so after exam Me & sam can go watch ler yay yay.Thanks seannn!
YAY!Pizza hut in ToaPayoh finally open x))!.Me,Sam,Jk,Hui,Kim,Karen,Cherish went to TPY to eat Pizza I ordered a Personal Pan Pizza meal,on the way there I still thought that the pizza hut is still close.Lucky its not,we do lots of camwhoring there 😀 cuz the pizza hut place look so different now.

After that we went to Bishan J8 and Library.Went to popular first then went to Lb,haha call me silly or what but this is my first time going to Bishan Lb!.Oh we aso do silly things at the j8 toilet!,we pulled our skirt high and tuck in like a nerd!.Wanted to put the piccies here but then change my mind x) On the way home,at double-decker bus we started camwhoring again! :DD


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