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Billy Birthday on May Day

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Well first of all happy birthday to my 4 years old little brother!.Actually his birthday is yesterday and cuz yesterday no mood to blog so Blog it today ;D

Yesterday I feel like wanting to watch Horror movie so bad.Then I almost wanted to buy Vcd go watch,luckly I remember youtube.Thus I went up to Youtube to watch this K-Horror movies;
The wig(Dec 2005)
Arang (Feb 2007)

After I watched both movies its already almost 12 midnight and I was like trembling okay!.Thanks to the heavy rain that keep makin the flashing light and thunder.Overall I cant sleep even with my lights on,I just cant stop thinkin of the ghosts face.But now it seems alrihts 😀

My girl-Korea Drama series I rate it 5/5!

This show is really perfect.It has funny moments,sad moments,romantic moments!.Most of all I simply love Lee Dong Wook-he acted in arang also!
Roll in “My girl” Picture please!

(frm left to right);Lee Dong Wook!,Lee Da Hae,Park Si Yeon,Lee Jun Ki.The former Miss Korea 2000,Park Si Yeon!

Lee Dong Wook!!

I broke my own record today by reachin home at 2.30pm.Usually the earliest timing is probably around 3.30pm.Im 1h earlier now!YIPPEE 😀
Had 6 period of Emaths lessons with Ms Sho!.Gosh,but I didnt get bored o.O
Really happy when she said that Amaths tested onli until chapter 2.8! YAY!
Mr Lee talkin crap with his “Pe theory” lessons.
Last night I sleep only for 3hr-due to the horror movie.But I didnt slept once a school today~
Was talkin to winnie and vikki about the sailormoon thingy!FUNNY OKAY!
I got the DVD whereby theres real people go act as SAILORMOON!Its lame but I love it !

Thanks winnie for sending me the avril song!I love it!


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