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Pe lessons seems to be a disaster to me 😦
Guess what?.I’ve actually fell on the MUDDISH and SLIPPERY field.Its like a nightmare okay,I dont even know what to say.It all started when we’re playing baseball,then when I was trying to catch the rolling ball,that area happens to me the slippery want.So I fell.My whole leg feel so dry up,I just cant describe how is the exact situation okay 😦
My whole shoe look like its full of shit-while its actually mud.To make it worse,my pants is also kana.After Pe lessons I,Shar,Vik,Win went to the wash room and vik&win help me take short pants at the Pe store room.The pants is VERY SHORT!I keep hiding myself beside sharmila.Then Vik&win help me take my skirt,THANKYOUSS!.and sharmila accidentally dropped my phone infront of the staf room.Lucky,theres no teacher around.
My socks is so damn wet,dammit!I shouldnt wash my shoes!.
BTW,I wanna spread my love to Vik,Win,and sharmila!.Thanks guys for the help juz now.Appreciate it!! :DD
Well,thank god the rest of the day is fine.Just that my physics mark is decreasing!.Gosh cuz I thought physics only theory so I never go memorise the notes.ARGH!GOTTA BUCK UP!PERSEVERE!
Reached home early today :))


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