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Physics test cleared.

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Im regretted for not studying seriously for physics.Cuz I thought physics only theory no nid memorise all thosee,..and eventually theres like a total of 5m,1m,2m memorising question come out.I was freaked out,and the last question is supposed to be 10,according to my calculation is also 10 and I dunnoe wadahell is wrong with me that I go and write 0 instead of 10.
GRGH!nvm..at least this is not mid year,tryin my best to improve on mid-year 😀
Recess was so unlucky met Miss Jamie,she ask me to pin up here and there pull up my skirt blablablas..Urghh,shes a good teacher but I think shes over-sensitive in girls attire.
Assembly,they explained about Earth-day,it was dull and boring.Then after that,they brief us on the elective modules.Then I choose;
2.Music Making & Produce our own beat !
3.Digital Video
well actually theres 4 & 5 but since they say no nid write so yeahh I cancelled it,really lookin forward in this modules!.It sounds so fun,Im hestitating whether I should go china or not..Well at night I will ask my mom.After school,eated somethings in canteen 😀 then went home with sammie.We went to popular looking for books,and after that went home.ILOVESAM :))


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