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HAHAS im back 😀
Wake up at 5am to finish my memorising at Geog.
sammie told me that my blog will be shut down automatically if I didnt update..So heres an update then.
Get back amath test,passed 😀
Some peeps in our class score full marks,incld vikki.Woahh..she so damn pro in maths!
Geog test was quite a regretful thing,theres only few parts of thing that come out from my learning.The worst part is the map thing,is vry difficult okay..I dont even know how to read a single thing there..and Ilost my 5marks as I didnt ask Mrs Koh what izit about,then Jk got ask she say is abt river transport.Omg!I actually got learnt that part but I dunnoe is talkin abt river transport 😦 .Somemore Jk say write point form deduct marks,hiks…hoopeee I can pass..
Our new Poa teacher seriously is not good.I much prefer the previous want.Cuz she expect us to read from TB and she doesnt to give notes.
Hope I passed my both Geog & emaths test!
Tmrw physics test FIGHTO!


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