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the not so "Black Friday"

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Morning went sch as usual,just that peiwen didnt come school.
Ms loo gave us back our summary paper,gladly I passed!.After that stay back for Cl Lsp for 2 periods 1030-1130pm and the homework is zuo wen!shit loohh..I hate zuo wen the most.
After school canteen was like nobody and I just knew that is Mr singh who chase them out x)
Called Lan,shes at the 231 bus stop and I suggest that we aso can take Mrt go bishan,too late she was in the taxi already.PAISEH XP
Waited for lan msg about the locker number,turn here and there!and was success on 4th attempt.Oh well..
Went to eat at Yoshinoya,we ordered an extra waffle fries cuz we dont know that student meal include waffle fries.Me&win tot is supposed to be Miso soup,and we end up paying a $6.20 instead of a $3.95 student meal!regrettt!.After awhile,lilin and cherish came x))
At first I was planning to buy water bottle and coloured pen,but in the end I didnt bought both of em’.I was thinkin is kindaa waste of money..coloured pen aso..
Didnt my fringe as I think its too waste just to cut litte bit of hair for $5
Went to toilet accompany win while Lilin and cherish buying icecream.
and..was camwhoring when winnie was giving a horny look x)


It was rainining heavily x((
Me&win at the bus was like admiring the food show till she didnt feel the phoney vibration,ahahs dumbbby win =x
She accompany me to wait for the 145 bus and the queue was like so damn long and note that i didnt queue up,I was sitting down.Wonder why got alot of siao ppl in bus o.O?Then win suggest to cut queue,if nt will be very crampy.
Just when the bus reachin my bus stop theres this two ah-pek quarelling beside my seat and I was like so scared cuz they’re blocking my way out and they shout very LOUD!.Lucky the auntie help me to get out.Stupid ah pek!hmph!Called mum today.I miss her pleaseeeeeeeee!

Speakin my honest thoughts,

well I dont really know whats happening to both of us.I dont even know how this “shwing attitude” gamey started.I think I posted this similar post last year September2006 post and yes it was also refering to you.Its just like I feel so irritated when I wanted to talk to you with full of excitement and you just reply me with things like.”..reali ar?,I dont know bout her..,Huh wad?Repeat I dont get it.”and your reply make me feel that you didnt even take my words or talking seriously.Esp with the tired face of yours…your reply means alot to me and I was expecting some encourageing words..yet you…*sigh…Really I wanna this to stop,but it seem so hard to stop.When I wanted it to stop,you showed me the attitude.So how the good between us tun so bad.Oh and one more thing,you’ve succeded to irrated me and make me feel ‘happy’ at the same time :D.I just wanted to clear our doubts and doesnt want to make this matters even more bigger.So yeah..



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