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Kiki Falling day xP!

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Get back poa result and Im satisfied with it 🙂
then mdm ng ask the top 10 ppl to choose chocolate of our choice and I choose kinder bueno!I gave susanti in the end,cuz my hse still gt so many choco.Thanks Mdm ng!
Chinese test was DREADFUL!I never do question 2 in the last passage,hope can pass!
Kiki bully me again after school!BOIL HER! xP
and as a result she fall more than two times today thats y today is her falling day,hehes.
Just watched finished the “dream chasers”.
Reached school feel that my neck very itchy and very hot,then when I took the mirror out to reflect my neck I saw rashes OMG!I hope it will cure soon x((

Tdy is the last day that Mdm Ng-our Poa teacher teach us,and so we took several photos with her.Oh well,the photos is with sangeetha I havent ask her send me yet so yeah this photos is w/o her;

I look damn horrible at those 2 photos x(
yep thats y im gonna trim my fringe!SO LONG ALREADY!
Win and Lan accompany us go duty,then win&lan at gym room while me&kiki at store room x)
Lots of ppl come store room kays,so damn funny lah!,we open the Girlfriend-avril and start to do silly dance in slow motion effect ahahah sharmila so funny x))
Chatted somethings to kiki,hahaha shes nice to chat with.Then we feel very awkward when this 2 couple sitting in Hfc sofa and just talkin romantically,awkward!
Asyraf so damn funny la,he keep using the megaphone to shout out in a girly tone.MUMMYPOKOPANTS!
Duty finished play hai dai with win and lan,and I always losee!ROAR!
Went to this dunnoe-what-name food court eat,ahha lan havent ate there before and the last time I went there was like sec 1.The food was YUMMY!
tmrw sch end earlier than before yayness!


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