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Im the Happiest girl now :))

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The highlights of whats goin on for the past 2days;

-New mp4 Samsung T9!
-New Tops and Bottoms from various stores
-New phone line
-Mum promised to buy me a N95 after June Hols x)
-New Chole Handbag & Elle Handbag
and the rest was just the usual needed stuff.
On Friday,went to the invited dinner at ballroom hall hotel due to celebrating Kwan im birthdate.
We got to eat around 8 dishes thats that big.
After that went to Telok Ayer Temple,its UBER NICE AND SUPER HUGE!Loves it 😀
From temple,we’re dead tired already and mum foolin around suggesting us to go Geylang look at the girl there.(oh,we are on our journey in a car xD)
Well,the girl stand like a statue is like just pick and she will go with you.The girls are super young and pretty,cant understand why they want to do this thingy.

Morning go singtel make phone line,thus AGAIN I changed ma number.
After that go to SHOPPING! at Orchad,bought lotsa tops and bottom!HAPPY HAPPY x)
Then go home awhile rest for about 5mins only,Im serious!My leg almost break cuz it hurt so much!.Then went to Mustafa centre to buy lots of food,and girls tingy.Oh and mp4 too :)).Goes back home at 12.30am WHOHOOO~!LATE NITE SHOPPING!
Ma new mp4!Samsung t9 I love it I love it I love it!


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