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Wear hood today,cuz i wear harwood for like 2 full yrs already getting bored.Plus nobody know that I belong to harwood so no big deal wearing Tee that is not ur hses.
Saw aj at 131 bus this morning,then I quickly board the bus with her.
Reached TPY liao,realised that shes waiting for her friends and thus I left,didnt know that winnie all is at mac there!
Realising to early to reach,I tried to call Lan but cant.Then call winnie,waited for them at the staircase there,really paiseh people was like walking pass me and look here and there like as if Im lost or sth xD
Im one of the timer at the sports day event,and my job precisely is about timing either lane 1 people or 1st position people.Then I keep on play with the stopwatch that on one event I missed the timing! x( lucky teacher gt the timing also~
I was sitting in shade!YAY,no SUNBURN!is very coolingg,thanks to winnie shes ‘willing’ to chnage sit with me.We got to eat the refreshment food also,hehehe.
Firstly I was only suggesting Mr chan to treat us buy drink,xiang bu dao he really go and buy x)!THANKS THANKS
After from stadium,left to j8.
Eated pepper lunch 🙂
Then bring winnie to jean yip trim her fringe,cost only $5!Is even lower than what I think ~
her fringe so much better!CHEERS*
Actually I wanted to take pic for today but mood kindaa spoilt =\
Reached home watch hana-kimi,keep on laughing xiu yi so cute x)!
Thanks for lending me RISA!
Mom reached home around 5am tmrw morning.
I really dont know wadahell is wrong with me,its not that I become too straightforward or have an emo feeling,its just somepeople must have your own stand,dont get influence.
ya know I really glad that i have some togoodtobetrue friends,but cant get it.Why??
I sometimes laugh at myself at myownroom.I dont know how to express this feeling,confused.

-you know what I mean.


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