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My ever mixed emotions.Didnt go sch tdy

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Mom came yesterday around 9.16pm,while Im still having tuition tho.Around 9.30pm finished my tuition and I quickly told my mum abt the Xi`an tingy,I scared she will not let me go cas we nid to pay it by CASH.Im surprise when she said,
“Go la..experience also.” while my father on the phone just keep saying,
“Can dont go also mah,why must go?So troublesome.”
I dont care what my father say le lah,as long as my agreed I happy ler 😀
Forget to mention that my mum actually came along with her younger sister and her son.Her younger sister is very kind to me kayy!I HEART HER.Yesterday she received a $250 taka voucher fren and then shes willing to shopp with me when shes back to sg,which is at 6.04.07.
Her son gave me this NICELY WRAP little pressie to me,so adorable 😀
The wrapping paper has my fav rabbit on it,I uber love it ! THANKS KENNY!well i usually call him “dedes” but his real name is KENNY so yeah..thanks

The inside.My fav brand of choco!

Morning I overslept wake up at 06.50am I know if I really go rush theres still enuff time.The thing is I dont have the time.I cried when I realise that I skip sch,I didnt know that I love going to sch THAT much but really I cried.This will be my FIRST and LAST time NOT going to sch.I actually finished the CL hw yesterday ad Amths hw too.
Well,anyway mum gonna buy me a new ALARM CLOCK!.And thus at 11am they left to Malaysia and will be back at 06.04.07.Went to swim for 1hr with my maid just now.

I do write all this things when Im feeling down and that feelin emo.But I DONT cut myself,its stupid to do it.

For Once In My Life,I Dont Need People To Make Me Happy.

Stop Putting Others Down And We can Be Friend.

We All Make Mistakes Will Forgiveness Hurt You?

Lets Just Not Hang With The Cool People,Lets Turn Others To Cool People.

We All Have rough days.

Why Mask yourself?Let Everyone Here See The Real you and We will even love you more.

Some People Do Stupid Things;Lets Not Make Fun Of Them.Show em’ How To Do It Correctly.

Dont Hold Somethings In Your Arm That You Could Never Hold In Your Heart.

Its Not How You See It,Its How You Take It.

If You Want A Respect,You Gotta Earn it well.

well,thats it..even at the end of my blogpost I cant REALLY Expressed how sad am I feeling this morning. *sigh*


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