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Her sickness is getting worse and worse.

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Changed my background.
SS lessons is fun as usual,LOVEY DOVEY mr tan’s lessons! 😀
Chinese lessons,teacher asked us to go down to the hall and listen to the briefing about the Xi An China trip.Well,I was really interested in it and ITS NOT IN JUNE!,so I still can go back indo after Im back from Xi an.I never even go china ONCE,now got chance to go for nine days.Japan one interest me more tho,its on October however.
Thanks to Vikki and Lanny to lend me the Vcd & Dvd 😀
Hfc real weird,the photo taking only involved the comitee ones whereas the member no need to take picture,how sucky is that sound.
After school,went to my contact lenses shop and its so irritating kay.The people there is new and they didnt even know that Acuvue Clear is monthly ones.They keep tokin in chinese as if me&lanny cant heard them,fuckin stupid boyish gay still wear those white long shirt like as if his a doctor or sth.He’s damn irritatin kay,damn lazy to talk about such ppl.I dont ever want to STEP in that shop already,cuz actually usually I went there theres this girl which is very polite and very patient I didnt see her just now 😦
Reached home feelin super sick,well how great is that from a usual caugh and flu become asthma.Really hard to breath,after that I took medicine and fall asleep.Actually I feel much better when I just woke up,but now..the sickness has come back..real shitty ass.
Im really going to heck care of my sickness and just chiong and mug my studies,I mean like I didnt even touch a single bk from the moment I reached home.Its really pain..
Well,dont wanna end this post with this “feeling of my sickness pain” so a big SMILEY ME!


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