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She’s still sick.

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Im uber sick today 😦

Keep on caughing and sneezing,yesterday night I cant even sleep cuz suddenly my asthma come.Didnt expect it to come tho,its been so long since it last came.And Im trying to endure and endure it,it doesnt work.
Cheerleading doesnt look THAT succesfull as I think it will be.Maybe theres no proper group management,the worse thing is that thay need to cheer out the school cheer,its indeed sound pretty awful.Heard that chiwen has no longer in that group,I think I will out too.
Since almost NONE of my friend join it,whereas HFC most of my friend join it.So I guees I will join HFC to Cheerleading.
I mean like,”High School aint the right time for cheerleading,cuz cheerleading nw isnt about just holding onto ur pom poms and doing your thang,it isnt.Cheerleading need to do stunt,backhandspring & front hand spring.They also need guys to perfect the stunt.”
Thus,Im out.
Watched Stomp the Yard with chiwen,sam and lanny.The movie featuring Ne yo and Chris brown.Its nice,I really loves it.

Not in the mood to take piccies and to upload i here,maybe I will do it next time.
Mum just called me that my bro,whom just received his new phone about less than 1month ago,has lost his phone.And yeah…the model is N90(black).
Well his case is different from me,he drop the phone whereas my phone is being STOLEN.Anyway he will get his new phone anytime from now,cuz my mum is searching a new phone fr him nw.
Mum just tell me that she gt new rival*,I suppose.Cuz they both wanted to open a oil company at the same area,and this rival applied the application faster than my mum by 1min?.
GRR!Hope my mum will relax herself,and also hope that she will succeed in this challenge 😀
back to school post,
I didnt do it on purpose,I just think that you are too over reaction over small things.Well,cant blame you,nobody perfect. I cant expect life to be the way that I actually wanted can I?

-watever dude,shes moody and shes tired


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