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Sports Heat ! tired xD

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Uploaded new songs thanks to vikki lending me her imeem acc.I already tried to make mine,but still I cant seem to receive any email msg from imeem.WHY?!GRR~
Emaths lessons Mrs sho gt angry cuz the whole class like almost SLEPT at her lessons.But she didnt say anyword,she just kept quiet and left..how weird.
After school Mr neo took us a ride with his CAR to the TPY stadium,weees~.
Sports heat so tired.Help the people take time,then go home.Next friday no need come for the HFC meeting,yays!.

Peiween handd LOLS XD

Theres this two teacher each of them gave us $1 to buy drinks at the machine there.So winnie & I bought a red bull ,it was really heavenly-like taste and really nice !ILOVEIT.Thanks alot.
After the event which ended around 5pm,we (Vikki,Me,Peiwen,Cherish,& Winnie) walk to TPY central to have an early dinner at Fork & Spoon.I ordered a Ban mee 😀
Then very paiseh you know,when I was just about to walk off with the food tray on my hand the auntie called me and said that I havent paid for the food!.ARGH~ I totally forget about that,so paiseh xD .Honeydew juice is delicious xP.

-rushing off to prepare for my tuition ler!CIAO~


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