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Outings with Lanny,so fun can~!smoochies~*

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Met up around 12pm.The weather was DAMN hot kay~! I was sweating like hell,even when I reached the bus,still so hot!GRR~!.
Go to Taka Library to MUG awhile,I finished my work quite early ending up nothing to do at the end xD

Just nice there got a talk,then the talk NOBODY attend.So poor thing loh..hope they can console themselves.*evil grins*

Have our lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria!.It makes me remember of my hometown 🙂
Its delicious too~ARRRHHH i love it please xD

Watched the Haunted school at Cathay 🙂
Force Lanny to watch with me xP paisehhh..she dont like horror i still force her..HEHE!
The ending kindaa crappy,but overall was quite good.It was quite nice actually,theres romance and the usual school stuff that every student experience,STUDENT!should watched this.

After that chatted awhile at Kino,then actually planning to go Vivo but then we went inside Cold storage and we suddenly change our mind.We was like planning to cook at my house!YAY~

Bought this stuff~

The cooking process xPP

TADA~!SYLAN hoPASTA~!!It taste quite 0kay hor~!

Send Lanny to taxi stand waiting for the taxi.Then off she went home~
Thanks for the accompany!LALAS!

Glad tat actually I didnt go for the camp.It was so much better spending my time at house enjoying life rather than to TIRE my self out to do stupid stuff that I dont like.WHEES!NO CAMP IS FUN!

Dnnoe why I getting quite moody this few days.Mind me.


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