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Mom & Grandpa went Indo today :(

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Didnt go to school today.
Wake up at 06.08am as I wanted to sent my mum at Harbourfront there,cas she bring so many things and if i never go with her she will bring all those luggage by herself.And thats very tiring ya know 😦 ,so yeahh..thts is like the main reason I dont want to go school.Second is because of the camp,I didnt have any INTENTION at all to go camp..so yeahh for those who going,HAPPY CAMPING!

Went to Yakun to have my breakfast at 07.55am after sending my mum at the Harbourfront.Ordered a Chezzy French Toat set meal 😀

Yesterday after school play with sammie new “pet” and we laugh like hell..ahhaha *evil grins*.Then called mum,she said she’s waiting for me at food court there so I have to rushed down quickly x) .

Haiz I feel sad now 😦
why must mum went back so fast,then now Im like the old me at home nthin interesting already.Yesterday so funny,my little brother was like calling my mum why so long havent come back yet,and said that my mum have to wear cool cool shirt.SO cute!Hes only 4 yrs old this year!.CUTEY 🙂
Went to Vivo sometime ago with mum,granpa and maid.take several pics but I forgot to transferred it here.So yeah..cant post anypics from vivo.

I want to make nails!.


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