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KL trip.Reached sg 3am today morning >.<

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HWELLOS PEEPS![this gonna be quite a long post,bear with me 🙂 ]
im back finally.Before i update my trip to KL,lets talk about what happened today.Today was quite 0kay,except that in the morning I wake up at 07.15am then I quickly chiong to get ready.The rain make it worse,I couldnt find a taxi for about 15mins and my shoes are so DROP DEAD WET!.Reached school around 07.40am,then go 1st floor toilet talk to the wall and wait till the peeps all come down.See hw suey am i 😥
Met my friends today after 1 week nv see ea other.Gosh I miss them !.Risa today pokey my tummy!and I DONG QIANG her tummy back =P,so in the end still I win the war yay 😀
Winnie and Lanny gave me the souvinier from taiwan and china.Thanks you guys,I totally love the gift!*hopping*
Rented a Vcd today :D,its so much convinient to rent than to buy i love renting vids!MUACKS!
thats all for today thing,lets get into KL trip post!
KL trip this time was quite fun and I totally loves it.Lets get into it…

Day 1,Friday
Being told by my mum that our bus will be setting off around 2.30pm.Wake up at 9am,packed my bags last minute,getting ready and waiting for my mum to come home to fetch us.

Mom came,quickly we cabbed to Golden Mile-the bus station.The name of the bus is “Super Nice,Grassland Express” ,it was really vry nice I really enjoy sitting on that bus.Really.

It took us around 5hr to reach KL,by the time we reached KL its already afternoon time.We’re really worn out and really tired!.So quickly we wanted to check-in to the 5-star hotel,then they say on saturday then have room.We no choice,so we head back to a 1-star hotel.The 1star hotel is really scary,awful and haunted.I dont wish to ever talk about the `thing` that me&my maid sees when we are taking an afternoon nap.Its scary,I cant sleep there.At night,went to Pyramid shopping mall and ate at nearby hawker centre for our dinner 🙂
Day 2,Saturday
I wake up pretty damn early on that day,as I already said I cant sleep at that awful and scary 1star hotel.Get ready all that and pack our belongings to check-out of that haunted hotel.Mom called the 5star hotel people to ask about the room,and yes as they say!there is one room at nineth floor~Yayness!.The room is ready before 4pm,bye bye awful 1starhotel!.
We put our luggage at the 5star hotel and off we go to KLCC a.k.a the twin tower at KL there.

It was such a rare expirience!The tower was like so tall!(tallest in the world,88th floor) and the overall design was pretty damn good.In the middle of the tower was a shopping mall,the mall was so nice and crowded.I love the food court esp.,the food court gt various kinds of delicious food!.There are like a McDonald,Yoshinoya all those IN the food court.I ordered a tenpayanki meal it was OISHI 😀

After takin pics and all those,when we’re ready to went home.Mom just remember she havent bought the bus tickets for tomorow.So we go around WITH the taxi,to buy bus tickets,after goin around so many places.In the end,we finally got one which is at 22.30pm bus,really no choice all other bus had already fully bought.

Reached hotel,*so excited* as the service was like so damn good.I love being pampered 😀
At night,
went to Pyramid shopping mall.

Quarreled with my brother.First thing first,maid slept at the couch,Grandpa slept at a very comfortable undivided bed.Whereas,me,my bro,and mum share a bed,so we divide the bed into two parts(which then bcm quite wide),one hard,one soft.I already imagine how am I goin to school by just sleeping in bus?.So my bro shld gave the “soft” bed to me right?He pushed me untill my head knock on the bedside table,I was so damn pissed.Then he kept on saying he want to go back his hostel lah..blablabla..whatever lah..he doesnt know how to become a MAN.My mom support him you know,she everytime never support me want.She loves my brother more than me perhaps?

Day 3,Sunday
Didnt manage to eat the delicous and free hotel breakfast,as I quarrell with my bro ystd.Nevermind,breakfast is also not that SPECIAL.On this day,we pretty much didnt go anywer,actually my mom wanted to go Subang then my bro dont want accompany us go.He IRRITATING OKAY!SCREW HIM!hmph!.so we check out of the hotel at 2pm,go to my bro hostel,as his room was like so messy.My mom help him arrange his things,while my maid help him washed his unwashed clothes.EW!

My granpa and I slept for few hours at his room.I pretty much spent todays time to sleep.Then blablablas..about my bro bank acc and finding room problem…blablablas..

Ated at ICHIBAN RAMEN for lunch,hawker center for lunch AGAIN.

Take our luggage at hotel,

and off we go for our dinner AGAIN at “AyaM penyet Ria”.The food was so delicious except that the chicken was not kampong chicken…the seasoning doesnt went deep inside the meat there..so it tasted very blend.Still its nice,at Jambi I also got eat before at this restaurant.Its really addictive!.Im goin fatter and fatter gosh,eat so much on this day!.
Cabbed taxi to the bus station,the bus station got a lounge for us to wait,the service also damn good they serve us tea and coffee.
Satted on the bus.The service of the bus was quite good,they gave us food,drinks,pillow,blanket,and earphone.Love the service of the bus!

Reached sg at 3am in the morning,rushed back home to sleep.And i ended overslept.


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