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Happy Birthday Kwan im!.Cutted my hair :D

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Yesterday slept at 1.55am,actually I already on bed at 12.30,but I cant seem to sleep.Then today morning I wake up at 6am sharp.So imagine how sleepy am I now,okay the reason why I wake so early is to go Bugis Temple “kwan im miao”,to pray.Is like so many people there;theres policeman,reporter,the prayers,and the selle of the 4D and flower.Its not so crampy,cas by the time I reached there is like only 8.15am. Mom& grandpa!
After that,My mom friends-Leslie asked us to wait for her,as she gonna treat us for our lunchie.
So we went to eat to this Bak-kut-teh shop,I didnt ordered Bak-kut -teh though I ordered Soupy fish instead :).

On the way,my maid and I. SLEEPY ME x(

I notice this cutie-lookin cat on my way to the car.He/she look kindaa calm yet so cute.Make me wanna get my own pet so muchhie xP

I want to OWN you!Cutie cat~

She brought us to TPI after that,with her car of course 😀
My grandpa has never go to Toa Payoh before so we had to bring him there~,bought quite a stuff from there xP.Then,went to Bishan J8 to go to Jean Yip Saloon.To get some haircut,ahahas I love the end results!the hairstylist really know what I wanted.And theres this newbie guy who wash my hair,hes like so NEW please!.His like extra-carefull not to make any mistake,and well done~he wash my hair pretty clean tho.
Cabbed home after that 🙂
Mom left to met her friend as soon as she gone home ,shes staying overnight with them today 😥 .STUPID FRIEND!CURSE YOU!because of em’ i cant spend more time with my mom.hmph!.SCREW YOU!
I play with the camera the moment after I reached home.Cant ya see how much I love this new haircut? x)

Good-bye my old hair!
start a fresh with a newie haircut 😀

p/s;I will be going Kl tomorow 😀 so excitedddddddd!!!!!!


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