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Welcome to Sg Mother & Grandpa!.Irritatin AYONG!I HATE U!

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Uhm so yeahh..they came to sg and I fetched them.I didnt realise that mum came together with her whole lots of her friends.Well,she said that since tomorow is KWAN IM birthday and we all need to go to temple to pray.Uh well,there got this guy which is also one of my mom friends,hes so irritatin!.He was like whispering to my mom;
“Eh,ask ur daughter bring ur father and take the luggage go home first loh,den you can come with us go eat.”
I was like WTF! he speak damn loud somemore loh,think I never hear or something.Its like hes trying to say Me & my Grandpa are like a burden to them?Excuse me?.Well in the end my mom,didnt go with them.Cas my mom think its kindaa rude to say that too.Oh,and his name is “Ayong”.Hes 44 already and he havent got married.(not to be rude or anything).
He ate damn disgusting,he use the receipt that he got from buying his food.To dig his ear!Holy shit rite…Not only that,he use his drink-which is tea.To wash his hand at his very own PLATE!.
He’s gross and disgusting.I hate people like him seriously.
Btw I will try to post pic of my grandpa and my mum soon.andd..meanwhile here’s my very own “dramadramaqueen” picture..


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