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Happy Holidays Y’all x)

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Last day of term 1.
Nothing special tho,just that for the last period of school.We get back our results,I was quite happy that I managed to pass all the subjects x) .Even tho,I didnt manage to get the top in class,I still quite satisfied.After getting back our results,we continued to have our Chinese LSP,which lasted for 1 period.So sorry Lan! make you wait for so long xP. After that went to TPI’s popular,and sammie asked me to shoot her.Well,its a Bean’s Photos Holiday Contest,shes not particitpating.But she should join it!Talking about Lanny,shes going to china tonight for the Art course thingy.She never go to china before,so hope she enjoyed this trip.Bon voyage~
Im gonna try to work hard for the next term,inspired by all those clever people around me 😀
Well,I didnt go for HFC today-it was actually cancelled the minute after I left the school.After I left school,I bought some Mag and thesaurus-thanks Nov for lendin me the popular card!.
Gonna make full use of the thesaurus.Ms so gave us so many homework,I wonder how I can cope with it.
Anyway,heres my term 1 results i did quite bad 😦
Well fuck that the fact I scored so low. =X
Stop laughing at my sucky results.Yes I know its bad,thats the reason why Im so frustated.
My maths sucks,have no idea why it turn out to be so sucky.Anyway,theres nothing I can do now.Just have to mug..
Moms coming soon,I really dont have the “face” to show her my sucky maths results.She surely will ask me to do my hw before i go Kl with her.ohhhh …shitt..

-off i went to my shower 😀


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